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Can you solve puzzles, search for clues, and complete your mission in 60 minutes?


Adventure awaits at Monerey’s premiere escape room – Mission 57 Escape!  You’ll have an hour of fun where it’s your goal to make your ultimate escape. You’ll be trapped in a room and must work with your friends or meet some new ones as you try to beat the ticking clock. Part scavenger hunt, part puzzle-solving mystery, you have one hour to solve the obstacles in your way to freedom!

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The AI Called Joan is dead set on taking over the world and she’s partnering with humans to do it. Brothers Dan and Bill Lonergan own a cabin out in the woods and it’s your job to break in and steal all of the cash they’ve been using for bribes.
However, there’s intel suggesting there’s something even more valuable in the cabin – Joan’s hard drives. These drives contain her base code and are the key to her destruction.
Does your team have what it takes to get the cash, get the hard drives, and get out? The brothers will only be gone for 60 minutes, so you have to hurry!

Cabin Heist Square
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We’ve now switched over to our winter hours.  If you would like to book outside of the hours, call us at 831.275.8857 for more information.

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