What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere and everyone is talking about them! But what are they?? Mission 57 is the newest escape room game in Monterey and it has been designed from the ground up to maximize fun!

But what exactly is an escape room?

The short answer: It’s like a live-action video game.

The long answer: It’s an immersive adventure that you go on with your #squad. You all work together to solve puzzles, piece together clues, and ultimately complete your assigned mission!

Seriously! You don’t know how strong your relationship is until you’re confronted with the fact that your teammate didn’t mention a vital clue until there was only 10 minutes left in the game. It happens all the time in escape rooms! And we promise, you’ll laugh about it later!

Do I need to be good at puzzles to play?

You don’t need to be good at puzzles to play an escape room game. People tend to underestimate how good they’d be in an escape room. Don’t let that happen to you! The fact is that when you and your crazy friends/family get into an escape room you guys are going to feed off of each others’ problem solving energy!

What else do you need to know?

Hmm….well you only get 60 minutes to complete your mission. Why? Because that’s when the bad guys come back, the bomb is set to detonate, or other totally plausible reasons! Don’t ask too many questions! Just get out of the escape room!!

We also don’t send you on a mission and leave you alone to sink or swim! Each team gets a Mission Commander for their mission. Your Mission Commander’s job is to provide intelligence reports (a.k.a. hints) when you request them. You can request up to 3 intel reports, but if you’re nice, you’re Mission Commander might give you more!

Well that’s about it! Are you ready to play a game? Head over to our booking page to choose and schedule a mission! See you soon!

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