Got Questions?

Well we've got answers!

Are there escape rooms in Monterey?

Yes, Mission 57 is 1 of 3 escape rooms in Monterey.  Unlike the other companies, our games are designed in-house and can't be played anywhere else in the world!

What is an escape room?

Think of it as an interactive live-action video game!  We give you a mission, put you in a themed room, and give you up to 60 minutes to complete it! It's super fun!

Do I need any special knowledge or skills to do an escape room?

No, escape rooms are suitable for anyone who is willing to have fun, work as a team and keep an open mind.

Am I going to be locked in? That sounds unsafe.

You will NOT be locked in.  At Mission 57 we offer mission-based games.  So your goal is to complete the mission rather than finding a key to escape.  Trust us, it's better this way.  It allows you to freely step out to take important calls or for bathroom breaks!

How long do I have to complete the mission?

Currently all of our games are 60 minutes!  We plan to introduce shorter games soon, to accommodate those with busy schedules!

Can I book a private game?

Yes! In order to avoid playing with strangers, you can choose a private booking on our booking page.

Can kids play?

Absolutely! We've had kids as young as 6 turn out to be the VIP of their teams! Bringing in children younger than 6 will require a private booking. Additionally, players under 18 require a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Where can I park?

The Cannery Row parking garage is one block away and there is plenty of metered street parking around our location.

What is your cancellation policy?

No refunds on cancellations will be given within last 24 hours of the booking. A reschedule may be provided upon request, at the manager’s discretion.

If I'm late, can I still play?

If you arrive after we have started the game we cannot allow you inside. This would disrupt the game for the participating players and make scheduling very difficult. No refunds will be offered for late arrivals or no-shows.

Where are you located?

We're right on Cannery Row across the street from the Fish Hopper in the big red building.  Look for the Starbucks, we’re one floor above them!

Still have questions?

Call or text us at (831) 241-5705! We promise that someone very smart will respond!