It’s NEW-vember!!

Hey everyone!  As you can see we’re making a lot of changes to our escape room.  The biggest change is that we’ve decided to change our logo!  We are still committed to being Monterey’s most awesome sci-fi escape room, but the old logo was just too serious! We’re all about laughter and having a good time and we really want our logo and colors to communicate that, so we’ve added some bright colors and some fun into the logo design.  To go along with our commitment to fun and delight, we’ve also redesigned our website.  We want every aspect of our business to communicate fun, so we’re slowly working toward that.  Please be patient as we roll all of this out.  You might still see some old logos on our signage.  We’re going to slowly be replacing those one by one.  As always, if you have any questions, just email us (

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